Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Shropshire’s only 24/7 wildlife rescue centre.

We rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. Then we release them back into the wild.

Each year we admit and treat around 2,500 creatures and need to raise Β£100,000 for day-to-day running costs. Please help us by donating time, money or items from our wishlist.

If you’ve seen an injured wild animal or bird, call us for advice on 01952 728070 or visit our contact page.


Cuan Wildlife Rescue, The Signals, Much Wenlock


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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan House is a Wildlife Rescue Centre where we take in sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds , with the aimof nursing them back to health. Once fully recovered , great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild - in most cases, this means back to the area from where they came , where they may have a mate waiting, or where, at least, they will be familiar with their territory or hunting ground. Cuan House Wildlife rescue is a registered Charity which is dependant on donations from the public and businesses.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueDec 9, 2016 @ 6:46
18 days to go..(sorry for delay, it was the Christmas party last night 😜)
It doesn't matter how many hedgehogs I see, and I see a lot...they are just so beautiful.
This one had been found with a trap on his leg that was also attached to his side.

He made a full recovery and was later released 😍
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueDec 8, 2016 @ 9:53
When I'm cleaning out the ducklings , I let them have a run around the room . Yesterday I set up a low pool with a ramp for them to have a paddle in 😍😍😍😍😍
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueDec 7, 2016 @ 22:14
18 days to go ....
We don't get many Red legged partridges in but when we do it's always due to being hit by a car. Such pretty birds 😍
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueDec 7, 2016 @ 15:24
Thank you to our very own Jodie-Leigh and her friend Kyle who did a sponsored cageless shark dive and raised Β£250 for us! Thank you both so much xx
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueDec 6, 2016 @ 22:30

LIVE mealworms
Dried mealworms
Porridge oats
Micropore (1cm or wider )
Good mop heads
Royal canin puppy biscuits
Plain corn for swans..(from TFM or Cambers)..not mixed seed
Small/med light coloured fleeces
Small box of weetabix (for hogs
Plastic measuring jugs
Washing up brushes
Decking brushes
Scrubbing brushes
Red wine
Anti bacterial hand washes
Sturdy washing up gloves
Meaty cat food.