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8am – 7pm for Admissions

8am – 8pm Telephone Enquiries

Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – 4pm animal updates

Coronavirus Guidelines

We, at Cuan Wildlife Rescue are committed to keeping members of the public, our staff and volunteers safe during these times with the Coronavirus.  Therefore, we may ask you some other questions when you ring us up after finding an animal!  These are for safety purposes and not designed to be intrusive or cause offence, I hope you can appreciate that we need to ask them.

You will be asked; if you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, feel unwell or are showing any of the symptoms associated with it.  We may ask you to leave  the animal in a safe place so we can collect it without having contact with you.  Again, please do not take offence, it is to protect you and ourselves.

If you do come to our hospital, there is hand gel available to use before and after entering.  Please do not ‘borrow’ it (!), it is for use for everyone who comes.  There are handwashing facilities available.

Thank you for your understanding, we still need to care for Britains’ wildlife and continue helping the orphaned, sick and injured that need us.  Thank you for your support.


01952 728070

Shropshire’s only 24/7 wildlife rescue centre.

We rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. Then we release them back into the wild.

Each year we admit and treat around 4,800 creatures and need to raise £260,000 for day-to-day running costs. Please help us by donating time, money or items from our wishlist.

If you’ve seen an injured wild animal or bird, call us for advice on 01952 728070 or visit our contact page.

Cuan Wildlife Rescue, The Signals, Much Wenlock

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife is a wildlife rescue centre where we take in sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds , with the aim of nursing them back to health. We regularly admit over 4,800 animals and birds in one year. Once fully recovered , great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild - in most cases, this means back to the area from where they came , where they may have a mate waiting, or where, at least, they will be familiar with their territory or hunting ground. Cuan Wildlife rescue is a registered Charity which is dependant on donations from the public and businesses.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 6, 2020 @ 10:34
July is when baby bats, called pups are born. Females normally give birth to one pup, but sometimes have twins. The pups are suckled by their mother for 4 to 5 weeks until they start flying.
We have admitted 93 bats this year, 60 of them in July, and have 32 still in care. That is a lot of small mouths to feed.
We are in desperate need of live mealworms to feed our bats and bat pups.
If you would like to donate some lives mealworms, you can do so from our amazon wishlist, or one of the other suppliers listed on our website.
Thank you so much for your support and hope you enjoy the video!

#commonpippistrelle #longearedbat #whiskeredbat #batsofinstagram #mealworms
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 6, 2020 @ 10:27
A big thank you to Capgemini for their £300 donation from their Christmas party fund. All proceeds will help care for sick and injured animals in our busy Summer months.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 5, 2020 @ 12:38
As the Summer holidays begin why not keep little wildlife experts amused with our Wildlife Activity pack! Full of wildlife themed activities as well as a wildlife trail!
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 4, 2020 @ 16:26
This morning these gorgeous housemartins were admitted. Their nest had fallen and the finder was unable to put it back.
Beth is checking each of them over before adding them to our large group of housemartins. All 4 of them are healthy and in good condtion. Hopefully they will all be released soon.
If you would like to help us to continue helping British wildlife, you can make a donation via our Facebook page or website; you can donate items from our wishlist; you can help us when you are shopping online by using easyfundraising or Giveasyoulive; or why not do some fundraising for us?
Visit our website for more details
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 4, 2020 @ 11:49
This wonderful prize of a 2 hour private tutorial in spotting signs of wildlife in a location of your choice has been added to our BIG SUMMER AUCTION! Perfect prize for any wildlife lover take a look at our website for further details #wildlife #rescue #auction
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueAug 3, 2020 @ 10:03
Take a look at this weeks weather lottery numbers! Have you joined our lottery? Head over to out fundraising Facebook page with details of how to support Cuan and be in with the chance of winning £25k!