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Winter Opening Hours

9am – 5pm

Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – 4pm animal updates (or email [email protected])

Coronavirus Guidelines

We, at Cuan Wildlife Rescue are committed to keeping members of the public, our staff and volunteers safe during these times with the Coronavirus.  Therefore, we may ask you some other questions when you ring us up after finding an animal!  These are for safety purposes and not designed to be intrusive or cause offence, I hope you can appreciate that we need to ask them.

You will be asked; if you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, feel unwell or are showing any of the symptoms associated with it.  We may ask you to leave  the animal in a safe place so we can collect it without having contact with you.  Again, please do not take offence, it is to protect you and ourselves.

If you do come to our hospital, please wear a face mask.  There is hand gel available to use before and after entering.  Please do not ‘borrow’ it (!), it is for use for everyone who comes.  There are handwashing facilities available.

Thank you for your understanding, we still need to care for Britains’ wildlife and continue helping the orphaned, sick and injured that need us.  Thank you for your support.


01952 728070

Shropshire’s only 24/7 wildlife rescue centre.

We rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. Then we release them back into the wild.

Each year we admit and treat around 4,800 creatures and need to raise £260,000 for day-to-day running costs. Please help us by donating time, money or items from our wishlist.

If you’ve seen an injured wild animal or bird, call us for advice on 01952 728070 or visit our contact page.

Cuan Wildlife Rescue, The Signals, Much Wenlock

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife is a wildlife rescue centre where we take in sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds , with the aim of nursing them back to health. We regularly admit over 4,800 animals and birds in one year. Once fully recovered , great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild - in most cases, this means back to the area from where they came , where they may have a mate waiting, or where, at least, they will be familiar with their territory or hunting ground. Cuan Wildlife rescue is a registered Charity which is dependant on donations from the public and businesses.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 26, 2020 @ 14:48
If you remember we had some very late ducklings this year.

This afternoon they have been released.

Good luck babies!
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 23, 2020 @ 22:46
💚 Shop til you drop on our new online shopping site. 💚
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 22, 2020 @ 16:00
Our Cuan Wildlife Rescue Christmas Cards & Calendar’s are now available to purchase online.
All purchases made help us to care, feed and release UK’s sick, injured or abandoned wildlife, so we really appreciate your support 🙏🏼
Packs 1- 4 are £5 per pack for 10 cards, 5 of each design.
Pack 5 is £2.50 per pack for 5 cards one of each design.
Calendars £7.50

Visit our online shop to purchase
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 22, 2020 @ 14:00
Buying a Christmas gift for a person who appears to have everything can be a nightmare. Why not share your passion for wildlife and inspire your friends and family.

Supporting wildlife through adoption is a great way to help fund Cuan Wildlife Rescue to rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds.
Choose from our range of wildlife by clicking the link below to take you to our website :
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 21, 2020 @ 18:00
A driver for Morris Lubricants in Shrewsbury, had a surprise when he arrived home earlier this week
There was a tawny owl in the grill of his wagon!
He brought the tawny owl straight to us and our vet, Chris checked him over. Luckily everything was ok, including his eyes, & after 24 hours of rest in our hospital, he was moved out to an aviary
He is very feisty & after a few days rest and recuperation he will be ready for release. We will be releasing him from the aviary, as we have no idea where he came from
He is one very lucky owl!
If you would like to help us continue our work British wildlife, click on the donate button below this post.
Alternatively visit our website for other ways you can help us, e.g. donations, donating items from our wishlist, or buying some of our gifts
You can also make us your chosen charity when shopping at Amazonsmile, Easyfundraising, Giveasyoulive, Ebay and Paypal
Thank you for your continued support during this difficult year.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife RescueNov 21, 2020 @ 16:30
Don't forget it is our weekly virtual quiz tonight at 7:30pm

We had 12 players last week, so let's see if we can beat that this week!

Only £2.00 to enter and you may win a cash prize if you are in the top 3!

All details on our website -

Good luck!