Anna’s John O Groats to Lands’ End Cycle Challenge

On the 3rd September Anna is hoping to cycle 930 miles from John O Groats to Lands End, in 12 days, raising funds for Cuan Wildlife Rescue.

The Covid lock down and after effects have really hit Cuan Wildlife. With both charity shops having to close for just over three months, our income was badly affected. Anna wants to raise money to help secure the future of Cuan Wildlife for the sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that so urgently require help. From hedgehogs to deer, owls to blue tits, Cuan Wildlife admits and treats over 4,800 creatures each year. The effect it would have if we were not here to help would be huge.

Anna is funding this trip herself so 100% of what you donate will go to Cuan and help the animals and birds who so desperately need it. There will be regular updates on the website and our social media pages during the ride.

You can donate via my Just giving page

or download a sponsor form here

Thank you so much for supporting Anna, every penny really makes a difference.