Cuan Wildlife Talks

Talks About Our Work

We are available to give talks to groups and organisations about our work.  We regularly give talks to WI groups, Rotary Clubs, Wildlife groups and many other clubs and societies interested in British wildlife.

We charge a fee of £50 for a talk with a Powerpoint presentation which lasts around 1 hour including any questions which we will endeavour to answer.

The presentation includes how Cuan began on the island of Luing in 1989, the casualties we treat, the injuries we commonly see, the facilities we have within the hospital and how people can help us to raise more than £180,000 every year to continue and expand our vital work.

Our talks are conducted by either our founder, Megan Morris-Jones or her daughter, our charity manager, Anna Nicholas.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that we do not bring animals to our talks. We deal with wild animals which would undergo major stress if we were to transport them to talks and have them ‘on show’ to the public. Minimum contact is vital when dealing with wildlife.

We do not make a travel charge for destinations that are within 10 miles of Much Wenlock  (20 mile total round trip). For journeys of over 10 miles we make a charge of 45p per mile for each extra mile travelled (e.g. if the total two-way journey is 50 miles, we will charge for 30 miles @ 45p per mile).

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in booking a talk, or telephone us on 01952 728070.