Build Your Own Hedgehog House

Hedgehog HouseHedgehogs are declining rapidly and there is a real concern for their welfare. One way you can help is to build them somewhere safe, dry and warm to hibernate over winter.

Never build a bonfire and leave it for a few days at this time of year as hedgehogs may choose this as their over winter home.


You will need:

  • Wooden  wine  crate  or  make  a  box  out  of  untreated  plywood – each  face  about  60cm   by  30  cm
  • 1.2m  length  of  15cm  x  2cm  untreated  timber
  • 25mm  galvanised  nails
  • 1m  length  of  hosepipe
  • Jig saw,  drill  and  hammer
  • 25mm  drill  bit

How To

  1. Start  by  making  the  tunnel  for  the  hedgehog  house.  Cut  the  timber  into  four  30cm   lengths  and  nail  them together  lengthways.
  2. Use  a  jigsaw  to  cut  a  hole  11cm  x  15cm  out  of  one  side  of  the  crate  at  the  base.
  3. Attach  the  tunnel  to  the  crate  by  nailing  it  from  the  inside.
  4. Drill  a  hole  in  the  back  of  the  crate  and  insert  the  hose,  for  ventilation  –  the  hose   should  be  at  an  angle  facing  the  ground  to  ensure  rain  does  not  collect  in  the  pipe  or   enter  the  house.  This  will  ensure  that  there  is  good  air  circulation  for  your   hibernating  hedgehog.
  5. Fill  the  crate  with  dry  leaves  and  replace  the  lid.  Hide  the  hedgehog  house   amongst  soil  and  leaves,  ensuring  the  entrance  and  air  pipe  are  free  of  debris.
  6. Make  sure  the  house  is  somewhere  sheltered  and  undisturbed.

Hedgehog house cross section