Night Heron


On Monday we were called out to the Dingle in Shrewsbury by to rescue the Night Heron. He is now safely in our care, and is being assessed and monitored. He is eating well (but prefers chicks to fish!), flying between his perches and preening.  On admission he was over 100g underweight, which is a lot for a small bird.  In the couple of days he has been with us, he has gained some weight.  We will not be weighing him everyday, to reduce the human interaction, but once a week, to monitor his progress.  He is quite the celebrity and even received a parcel of food addressed to him today.  A bird expert will be coming to visit and find out if ‘he’ is male or female, and we are in contact with various organisations about how best to care for him and discussing the best course of action for his future.