Nearly all the creatures admitted to the centre will be in some degree of pain, stress or trauma, many suffering from serious injuries. The vast majority of these will have been caused deliberately or otherwise by the human race.

Shooting, snaring, road traffic accidents, poisoning, strimmers, open drains and acts of deliberate cruelty all cause injuries that we see regularly.

We believe we have a duty of responsibility, not only to alleviate the suffering of such creatures but to do our utmost to ensure  they have every possible chance of a return to the wild where they belong.

We are the only Wildlife Rescue centre in Shropshire and each year we admit approximately 3,500 wildlife casualties. On admission, every patient receives immediate First Aid treatment in the form of pain relief, treatment for shock, fluid therapy, warmth and antibiotic cover, etc as appropriate.

Some of the wildlife casualties may need surgery or other veterinary intervention. Where this is needed, we are very fortunate to have the professional support and backing of the Severn Edge Veterinary Group, Much Wenlock and, in particular, of Chris Woodroff, who has treated our wildlife since 1996. The expertise and commitment of the vets we work with results in a high standard of care for the wildlife we rehabilitate of which we are very proud.