Emergency Help

How you can help a Wildlife Casualty

Firstly, always have our phone number to hand – 01952 728070.

If you do happen to come across an obviously unwell bird or animal, before you do anything, always consider your own personal safety. Is it safe to stop your car? Is it safe to get out? Is the casualty one you can safely pick up without endangering yourself or others, bearing in mind that some wild animals, even in pain and terror, can still be dangerous?

If you don’t feel you can pick it up, you could try dropping a blanket over it (including its head). This will often calm it, as well as providing a bit of warmth, which is essential for creatures in shock.

If you feel you can do more and pick it up, ideally lightly wrap it in a towel, coat or blanket before putting it in a box. This will keep its wing/legs in and help stop it injuring itself further, as well as providing warmth.

Once contained, ring us on 01952 728070 or take it to a vet.

Do not be tempted to ‘do it yourself‘. All wild creatures have specialist needs – all the more so if they are injured and suffering.

  • If you take the animal home, please keep it in a WARM, DARK AND QUIET PLACE. OFFER ONLY WATER, no other fluids, and contact us immediately on 01952 728070.
  • The Badger Trust have a dedicated telephone line for badger advice, persecution or general information. This is a 24 hour number – 07850 604585.

Baby animals

If you are out in the countryside and come across a baby animal:

  • DO NOT RUSH TO PICK IT UP. Many animals will leave their babies alone for several hours in the day. If it does not appear to be injured, then please leave the baby alone if it is safe to do so, and also leave the area for at least up to two hours. Please return later to check that the baby is still not in the same place or in distress.
  • If you find that after a period of 2 hours or more the baby is still in the same place then it is best to alert a wildlife rescue centre near to where you live or phone us on 01952 728070 for advice.
  • Fawns (baby deer) and leverets (baby hares) will often be left on their own all day. If you have found one of these please ring us BEFORE picking it up, unless it is obviously injured in which case it needs urgent help.

Please click here for information on what to do if you find an injured or baby bird.